Sunday, December 30, 2012


Get up off your duffs you ornate couch taters
And take the remote-est journey into your mind
Fly to your computer and punch in your so-called resolutions 
And float to the ceiling b4 2012 signs off into lucky 13

Drink from unchartered waters then
Take a bite of lemon pied sky
Jump out of the pit of despair as you
Shimmy and sway to a little night music

Arm wrestle your fears and woes down to the ground
As you boost your immunal hopes and reinvent yourself
Dream til it hurts then plot the way to reverie
And never succumb to critical abuse

Alas be true to your own unique vision and 
Boldly venture and reveal your ingenuity
Create a space where you truly feel free and
Never give up on your gold tipped dreams

LLR 2012

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