Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Questions pulse boldly behind their backs

They query and ponder life over coffee & snacks

Knowing the answers is definitely fine & dandy

But putting forth questions can taste like candy

Their moustaches float as they hide their lips
Leaving empty impressions that fall like apple pips
Wondering how so many don't seek the truth
As fabricated easy chairs take over their youth

Most E2 professors smile big like Einstein's dog
Calculating when the world blows up in a nuclear fog 
Asking questions about what peaceful means are ripe
To ready the universe to flee from the razor sharp hype 

Alas I hope the educated few turn up the juice
Before we hang ourselves from a dangling noose
The world is big enough for every shape & size
Our humanity could grow and be the winning prize

Poem by LeeLee Ryder 2013
Photo by LeeMotivo Designs

Friday, September 13, 2013


Blue margins corral her lemony face
As red strokes splash her dark eyes
Vast amounts of pollen drip into her soul
As the moon shakes off it's silvery girth
Yellow specks caress her brow
As scarlet spheres drift overhead
Pockets of circumstance flow within
As the land no longer yields harvest

(influenced by Faces in Flux 
a LeeMotivo Design series)