Thursday, November 1, 2012


(this is a scene adapted from a book I'm currently writing)

A gigantic oak filled with kaleidoscopic colored leaves sways in the snowy winter wind. Pandora, a 40 ft mechanical lion soars across the sky and lands next to the tree. LEXY, a 16 year old ivory skinned redhead and MORTY, a stout heavy set man with thick lens goggles jump off her back. Pandora snarls with purple fangs and purple claws exposed. She snorts loudly then rears ups as Lexy hides behind a 50 ft snowdrift that's inches away from the tree. 
MORTY: Pandora, simmer down and be quiet! And retract those fangs and claws before Hexaba pulls them all out.

Pandora whimpers as Morty leads her behind the drift. Lexy pulls out her orange amulet as he quickly lugs out his bulky magnetic shotgun.

MORTY: We better lay low for now. Hexaba is so close, I can taste her horrible breath imbedded on my tongue.

LEXY:     Your sense of smell is uncanny. And your sense of taste, for that matter. I guess four hundred years of living has refined your senses to a tee.

MORTY: Too bad my eyesight hasn't improved. Look, my brainwaves are like an open book to Hexaba. She and that pesky Dragonfly will be here any minute.

LEXY:     What is she really like? I mean, working for her for all these years must've given you some idea.

MORTY:  Stunning to look at but cunning and treacherous to the core. She wouldn't even let me take a vacation.

LEXY:      Slave driver, huh? She sounds like my Aunt Vera. Nothing I did was good enough. I practically slept standing up while cleaning the cottage. 

MORTY:  Yeah, sounds like they're cut from the same mold. Hey, I didn't get the chance to give you my condolences. You uncle was a wonderful man.

LEXY:      Yes he was ... Hey, you knew him?

MORTY:  Only briefly. He helped me build Pandora.

LEXY:      Wow! How long ago was that?

MORTY:  Oh, I'd say about five years ago. 

LEXY:      How did you met? I mean you said you never took a vacation.

MORTY:  I was on a job for Hexaba. She thought that my friendship could help find out where you were.

LEXY:      So that's why he stopped any kind of contact with my mom, my dad and me. I thought Aunt Vera had something to do with it.

MORTY:  Well, he never did reveal your whereabouts but he did inherit Vera as a permanent fixture. Hexaba put an unbreakable hex on him.   

LEXY:      And I guess she's been taking advantage of the situation ever since. You know my Uncle Razz saved my life. He went to the other side.

MORTY:  Well if you conquer Hexaba you'll see your uncle soon enough.

LEXY:      And my mother. (tears up)

MORTY:  I'm sorry I brought it up. Hey, you gotta buckle up. Hexaba isn't swayed by emotions. 

LEXY:      You're right. Oh, by the way, thanks for the incantation book. I've got a handle on lots of spells. Especially the protective ones.

MORTY:  I'm glad, cus here she comes.

Suddenly, Dragonfly a 20 ft green dragon with a red streak down it's back explodes through the clouds. Hexaba, rides her proudly as she takes in the landscape. Dragonfly squawks with delight as she spots Lexy, Morty and Pandora. She lands on the highest peak of the Convex Mountains and perches onit. Hexaba grabs her black amulet, hurls a green semi-liquid dust at them and recites with a deep husky voice.


Lexy aims her orange amulet directly at the traveling dust as Morty takes aim with his shotgun.

LEXY:      TINDRA ... PULP-O-TINI        

The dust disperses as Dragonfly takes off towards them. Hexaba hurls a green lightning blot at them as Morty shoots a magnetic force at it. The bolt explodes in two and clips Dragonfly's left flank. She descends upside down as Morty shoots again.


Dragonfly turns right side up as the magnum magnetic force backfires and hits Morty's right shoulder. He tumbles back, hits the tree and crumbles into a semi-conscious state. Blood oozes from his head and his shoulder bone juts out from his coat. Lexy rushes over, puts her hand on his head and shoulders.


The blood stops flowing and Morty's bone gyrates back into place. Hexaba moves in for the kill as Lexy wakes him and helps him up.

MORTY: Pandora, get us out of here now!

LEXY:     There's no time. Tell her to go to Mirror Lake and I'll transport us out of here.

MORTY: (touches Pandora's head) Head for Mirror Lake. Go there pronto!

Pandora whines but takes off as Lexy grabs Morty's hand then her amulet. They vanish as Dragonfly swoops down. Hexaba pulls up the tree and tosses it at Pandora. The tree barely misses Pandora as she soars out of sight. Hexaba regains her composure and heads for Convex Mountains. Within seconds Dragonfly lands on a colossal tree. Henry, a ghastly hairy beast sleeps quietly with a rolled up map between his paws. Hexaba dismounts, pets him then recovers the map and puts it into her breast pocket. Henry wakes up.

HEXABA:  Yes, my beastly little pet. You deserve a reward.

She touches her black amulet to Henry's chest. He swiftly transforms back into Henrietta, a gentle female. Except now, the girls breathes through neck gills and the whites of her have tiny green dots throughout.

HEXABA:   Much better. You are now my assistant. Mortimer will surely pay.

Hexaba mounts Dragonfly and pulls Henrietta up behind her. They fly away then disappear into a small black ball.