Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Questions pulse boldly behind their backs

They query and ponder life over coffee & snacks

Knowing the answers is definitely fine & dandy

But putting forth questions can taste like candy

Their moustaches float as they hide their lips
Leaving empty impressions that fall like apple pips
Wondering how so many don't seek the truth
As fabricated easy chairs take over their youth

Most E2 professors smile big like Einstein's dog
Calculating when the world blows up in a nuclear fog 
Asking questions about what peaceful means are ripe
To ready the universe to flee from the razor sharp hype 

Alas I hope the educated few turn up the juice
Before we hang ourselves from a dangling noose
The world is big enough for every shape & size
Our humanity could grow and be the winning prize

Poem by LeeLee Ryder 2013
Photo by LeeMotivo Designs

Friday, September 13, 2013


Blue margins corral her lemony face
As red strokes splash her dark eyes
Vast amounts of pollen drip into her soul
As the moon shakes off it's silvery girth
Yellow specks caress her brow
As scarlet spheres drift overhead
Pockets of circumstance flow within
As the land no longer yields harvest

(influenced by Faces in Flux 
a LeeMotivo Design series)

Sunday, December 30, 2012


Get up off your duffs you ornate couch taters
And take the remote-est journey into your mind
Fly to your computer and punch in your so-called resolutions 
And float to the ceiling b4 2012 signs off into lucky 13

Drink from unchartered waters then
Take a bite of lemon pied sky
Jump out of the pit of despair as you
Shimmy and sway to a little night music

Arm wrestle your fears and woes down to the ground
As you boost your immunal hopes and reinvent yourself
Dream til it hurts then plot the way to reverie
And never succumb to critical abuse

Alas be true to your own unique vision and 
Boldly venture and reveal your ingenuity
Create a space where you truly feel free and
Never give up on your gold tipped dreams

LLR 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Red holly clings as
Cobalt lit Christmas trees glow
And tint green grass blue

White rain hits the Earth
Bluebirds soar through the mist and
Land on red carpet

Ivory snow drifts
Piled high atop the green hills
Slippery slopes rise

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

TABOULI (serial B & L collob)


CUBBIE: If Jem bats his cow eyes at me one more time, I’ll scream.
STICK: Then, go out with him.
CUBBIE: So he can cross examine me about my tofu steaks? No thanks. Besides, he’s married. Don’t you ever listen?
STICK: Apparently not. How about Lido then?
CUBBIE: Lido’s got too many bad habits.
STICK: Like what?
CUBBIE: He’s a momma’s boy. He’d probably bring her along.
STICK: That would be some trick. She’s dead.
CUBBIE: Her apron strings must run deep then.
NICOLE: (tangos in) Then you better sharpen that cleaver of yours, Cubbie. Sorry I’m late.
STICK: No prob. Lips as red as wine ...
CUBBIE:... and soft like a baby’s butt. (laughs) You sound just like a phu phu commercial.
STICK: (mumbles 1st line) Thanks Cub! So Nick, how’s Grace?
NICOLE: Wouldn’t know.
STICK: But didn’t you see her last night for the weekly grill session?
NICOLE: Ah.. Ah ... Grace was a little under the weather.
CUBBIE: You sure? She call here looking for you last night.
NICOLE: Really? She ah must’ve recover fast.
CUBBIE: Or you had a secret date.
NICOLE: Can’t I have any secrets?
CUBBIE: Nope. Where were you?
STICK: Now Cub, leave her be. She has the right to a private life without us ...
CUBBIE: Alright ... I’ll be back.
NICOLE: Okay, ole Smokey.
CUBBIE: (exits while speaking) Don’t knock it. It’s good for my glaucoma & rheumatism. Back in 5.
NICOLE: Guess it’s called aroma therapy, huh?
STICK: She should see Doc Holly. It’s called gouty arthritis. Uric acid deposits that cause sudden swelling of the feet. It’s hereditary.
NICOLE: (grins) Really? So what do they call swelling of the brain?
STICK: Well, it’s called ... oh, never mind.
NICOLE: ... So, who’s on today?
STICK: Drey and Frank. Bishop’s off.
NICOLE: Wait, don’t tell. There’s some Jimi Hendrix tribute band in Jackson, he NEEDS to see? He must think I’m dense.
STICK: No .. He’s sick. Got laryngitis.
NICOLE: I bet he has. Toss me the phone. We’ll see if he’s on the up and up.
STICK: (tosses it to her) Guess trust isn’t in your vocab today.
NICOLE: (dials number) Do you blame me. He’s called in sick, ten times this year and it’s only March. Hello, is Bishop in? ... Oh, I see. Well, tell Sleeping Beauty to get his buns here today or he won’t have a job to pay for his extra curricular activities! (slaps phone on the counter)
STICK:Well, that was subtle ... Hope you didn’t make Bonnie pee in her pants.
NICOLE: (laughs) I might’ve.
STICK: Anger brings out the Jekyll in you.
DREY: (walks in) Ain’t that the truth. Let me guess, Bishop called in sick again.
NICOLE: Yep. Is Bishop this flaky when it comes to rehearsal?
DREY: He’s much worse ... We barely get on stage with one rehearsal under our belts. Speaking of, is Frank here yet?
STICK: Nope ... He’s not due in until noon.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Luscious plums (haiku)

Luscious lips of red
Kisses Santa's weathered brow
As plum fairies dance

c2012 llr

Serial Collaboration

UPcoming Serial Collaboration with Bobbie Girls Folly
 Look forward to installments in the very near future