Friday, November 19, 2010



GRETA straightens her skirt. SALLY walks up beside her and looks for a few secs.

SALLY: Do I know you?

GRETA: Don't think so.

SALLY: You look like a old friend of mine.

GRETA: Really. I get that a lot.

SALLY: Her name was Stella.


SALLY: Yeah, she got run over by a bus last week.

GRETA: Oh. I think I remember her. She fell right in front of the 210.

SALLY: Right. That goes downtown, doesn't it?

GRETA: Yeah. I use to work down there.

SALLY: But not anymore?

GRETA: Yeah. That was the last time I took the 210. 

SALLY: So where do you work now?

GRETA: Hopefully right there. (points to the back) I went on an interview today. Some head hunter set it up.

SALLY: That's funny. Stella was a head hunter.

GRETA: Oh yeah. It takes a special kind of person to do that job.

SALLY: You ain't kidding. Stella sure was special. She never complained about anything or anyone. She was a real ace.

GRETA: I bet she was. So, what do you do, ah?

SALLY: It's Sally. I'm in the extermination business.

GRETA: Like rats & bugs, that kind of thing.

SALLY: (shrugs shoulders) Yeah. Sometimes I wonder why I dress up for my job. It can be real messy sometimes.

GRETA: I would think so. I guess you put overalls on over your clothes, huh.

SALLY: It depends on who contracts me out.

GRETA: Hum. You working today?

SALLY: Yep. Somewhere on Wilcox.

GRETA: Wilcox? I live on Wilcox.

SALLY: What  a consequence. Some guy named Paul Porter hired me. 

GRETA: I don't know a Paul Porter. He must be new to the neighborhood.

SALLY: Isn't your name Porter?

GRETA: Yes but ... Say, how did you know that?

SALLY: It's my business to know.

GRETA: Know what?

SALLY: The target. You see, I like to get to know someone before I ...

GRETA: Hold on. Jasper hired you, didn't he?

SALLY: That's right. How did you know?

GRETA: I'm crafty that way. So he's trying to get rid of the evidence.

SALLY: Correct.

GRETA: Well, I hate to break it to you but if you kill me then he'll hire someone to kill you. You see, Stella wasn't really his sister. She killed Jasper's real sister, Agnes so Jasper hired me to shove Stella right into the 210. 

SALLY: Yeah right. Look. I'm not taken in so easily. You're just trying to confuse me so I ...

GRETA: Look, how did I know Jasper's name?

SALLY: Ah ... well ... Damn. You're right. 

GRETA: Of course I am. Say, how about going over to Jasper's?

SALLY: That's a good idea. I'm not letting some asshole get rid of me.

GRETA: Ok, after you.

SALLY: No, after you.