Friday, December 17, 2010


Desolate birds cling to her face
as she lilts above the abrupt trough.
Her floating body soon crawled into 
the dark vast ocean
Calmly lulling her out of sleep as growing 
gray matter perculated and stimulated
outer shell.

c2010 LLR 12/2


All thru the night, Nickie traveled the world wide
His agenda, to search for moms to have on the side
He put on his fat suit to hide his bones and sinew
Mrs. C's so frigid, "X"mas moms are back on the menu

Hovering over Denmark, Nickie saw chimneys abound
Many red lights blinking, pure heaven he found
He shimmied down one, landing right on his point
She screamed, he groaned, then they lit up a joint

Alas little Joe, awoke and came down the stairs
Mommy & some white beard asleep with no cares
Joe grabbed the cookies and shouted, Dad, you better hit the deck
Daddy came running but fell almost breaking his neck.

Daddy unconscious lay flat on his face
Nickie woke up and quickened his pace
Up the chimney as Mommy shot him the finger  
He smiled and ho ho(ed), so glad that he had banged her

The night was close to turning into day
Rudy and the others didn't have much to say
Coming up the driveway, Mrs. C in a black negligee
With hot coco and biscuits and a bowl full of hay

c2010 LLR 1215